Plan A… When You Need a Beautiful Website!


Customers who choose Plan A want a beautiful $599 $299 company website (up to 3 pages) live in 7 Days!

Choose How Many Website Pages:

Up to 3 Pages: $299 (Example: Home, Services, Contact Us)
5 Pages: $499 (Example: Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Contact)
6-10 Pages: $699 (6-10 page example: Home, About Us, Services, Testimonials, Gallery, FAQ, Prices, Specials, Links, Contact)

Now Choose Your Annual Hosting Plan:

Gold Hosting Plan: $239.40 Annually …Most Popular Hosting Plan!
Includes Hosting of your Website & Free Monthly Updates (Valued at $480!)

*Note: With our GOLD Annual Hosting Plan you are given $480 worth of free annual changes!


Bronze Hosting Plan: $119.40 Annually
Includes Hosting of your Website.

*Note: With our BRONZE Annual Hosting Plan you are given $0 worth of free annual changes. (Additional updates are $40 per update.)

“I just love, love the website design! It is just what I was hoping it would be. Great design!”

“The web design is phenomenal. Both my wife and I were blown away at the great job you did. Awesome job!”

“Website Design Texas is an outstanding web designer company that creates the most professional websites. They built a web design that was amazing from start to finish. They are a great company to work with and care about the concerns of their clients. They are a fast & reliable company to work with.”

Website Design Services

We build custom design websites tailored to your business demands and specifications. Our custom website design package, includes everything from consultation and design to implementation and, if necessary, hosting. Be it for a Small Business or for an Enterprise sized endeavour, your website will fit your needs as closely as is humanly possible.

What’s in a Custom Website Design Package?

Custom website Packages are built on the basis of the individual client’s needs, and therefore they cannot be specified to the letter a priority – however, some of the common applicable elements are listed below:

  • Your custom designed website will match your corporate identity.
  • When necessary, logos and banners can be designed to create, complement and⁄or establish said Corporate Identity – the sky is the limit!
  • Ease of navigation and organic flow will make your website usable and efficient
  • Custom graphics will be created as needed, or acquired from reputable sources will full usage rights.
  • Full Natural Optimization of your meta content will boost your site in the Search Engines.
  • A Hosting package will be provided – include Domain Name, Hosting facilities and hosting setup
  • Maintenance, where necessary, will be provided in an economical per-hour basis; or in convenient monthly service packages

The Process of designing a Custom website…

… is a process that begins with an extensive period of consultation and research, of getting familiar with the client, the product, and its market. During this stage we will also collect any pertinent material the client might have – multimedia, graphics, literature – anything that eventually will need to be part of the website or can contribute to its development.

Once the information and knowledge has been acquired we proceed to sketch a viable solution and if necessary a few alternatives. We’ll discuss these with the client, get input, opinions and finish moulding the overall look and feel as well as the platform of the site.

With the working model approved we will proceed to enter the material provided -or to create new material if requested- and to program and implement the back end of the website

Now the website has reached “beta” stage. At this point exhaustive testing is required. We will test in different browsers, make sure of the scripting functionality and in short, get rid of the bugs!!

Once the website has passed the testing is your turn to give it a test drive. You will be provided with ample opportunity to test it, see it in action and report back your findings

Once the Website goes live…

… we will always be here to help. Our contracts come with a maintenance package that is tailored to the size of the project. You can extend this package or go into our hourly pay-as-you-go service package, but no matter which way you choose to go, your business will always be a priority to us.